Plastics revolutionized by plastics industry companies at the Finnish Parliament in November

Borealis participated in the ”Revolutionizing plastics” event with the SPIRIT programme together with about 10 other Finnish industry companies at the Finnish Parliament on November 29, 2023. The event was an opportunity to share the latest news from the plastics industry and to greet decision makers. The main themes of the event were sustainable development, green transition and circular economy, where renewable raw materials, low emissions as well as reuse and recycling of plastic products are key enablers.

Main photo: Jari Lehtinen (on the right) discusses the sustainable transformation of plastics industry with, among others, Minister of Science and Culture Sari Multala. 

The event was well attended and there were many fruitful discussions. Jaakko Tuomainen and Jari Lehtinen, who work for the SPIRIT programme, commented the event as follows: ”We were able to take our key messages from parliamentarians to the ministerial level. We emphasized that forest-based biomass in Finland should be processed into higher value-added materials instead of being burned, and that recyclable plastics must be removed before incineration. We also talked about the effectiveness of short cycles from a material and energy point of view, and that chemical recycling will complement mechanical recycling. The discussions also touched how regulation can affect the green transition.”

Photo: Jaakko Tuomainen with Member of the Parliament Eeva Kalli. 


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