Heads up: the next call for ecosystem projects by Business Finland closes on 30th September

Do you have an idea of a project contributing to the mission of the SPIRIT programme? Come and discuss with us how to bring in your contribution. 

The SPIRIT programme is driving the Sustainable Plastics Industry Transformation with an aim to build an extensive ecosystem around the entire value chain to address this vital transformation required within the industry at large.  

The key R&D tasks calling for intensive ecosystem with a variety of partners in different roles are as follows:  

  • Replacing fossil raw materials with bio-based and recycled ones 
  • Boosting both mechanical and chemical recycling of polyolefins  
  • Decarbonisation of production operations for example through electrification or hydrogen
  • Shaping the market for circular products.


Business Finland regularly offers partnership funding for research, development, and innovation projects under the ecosystem themes set by  leading companies. As a leading company of the SPIRIT programme (Veturi in Finnish), Borealis invites all potential partners, both companies and research organisations, to propose ideas for new projects contributing to the objectives of the SPIRIT programme. 

The Business Finland funding is intended in particular for joint projects between companies and those between companies and research organisations. Funding may also be granted to individual companies or research organisations or to joint projects between research organisations.  

Funding can be applied continuously. The next cut-off date is on 30th September 2022. The cut-off dates for 2023 are on 13th January, 13th April, and 13th September. 

See the research and development themes of the SPIRIT programme with more detailed description of the key challenges on the SPIRIT roadmap. We encourage you to ideate how you could contribute and contact us to discuss how to proceed! 

Interested? Fill in our contact form and share with us your ideas on how you could contribute to the mission of the SPIRIT programme  — we will then be in touch! 

More information:  

Jari Lehtinen, Borealis, jari.lehtinen(at)borealisgroup.com
Markku Heino, Spinverse, markku.heino(at)spinverse.com 


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